Swanny’s Oil



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Brand Swannys Oil
Material Plastic
Capacity 1.0 Fluid Ounces
Age Range (Description) All Ages
Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

Recommended Use: Gun Lubricant
All Weather Lubricant. Swannys oil is made to protect and prolong your guns. With its innovative ingredients, Swannys Oil will impregnate into the guns metal making it feel smooth and perform better. In sandy or dusty environments, you can run your gun dry, yet still feel like it is completely lubed. This is because our oil has done its job and married itself to the metal. Years of testing on Precision rifles, 3 Guns and everyday use have proven this oil to be on top!
Area 419 uses Swannys Oil on every Zero Reloading Press they make. Gunsmiths across the nation use our oil to break in their actions faster and provide smoother rifles to their customers. It only takes 3 dabs. Clean your chamber and bolt. Put 3 dabs of Swannys Oil on the bolt and run it 15 times. If your gun is super dirty, wipe off the first application and put 3 more and run it!